Socket wrenches

The flange screws produced by Baruffaldi S.r.l. represent excellence in the field of mechanical engineering. These precision components are carefully designed and manufactured, ensuring reliable and long-lasting performance.


The pins produced by Baruffaldi S.r.l. are essential components for the assembly and connection of mechanical structures. These pins are made with high-quality materials and designed to provide strength, reliability, and durability.


The screws produced by Baruffaldi S.r.l. are a reliable and high-quality choice for a wide range of industrial applications. Crafted with attention to detail, these screws deliver excellent and long-lasting performance.

Special Screws

The special screws manufactured by Baruffaldi S.r.l. are the ideal solution for applications that require unique and specific characteristics. Thanks to extensive experience in the industry and technical expertise, Baruffaldi S.r.l. is able to design and manufacture custom special screws to meet the most complex needs of customers.

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